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Letter from Ray --- Info Links --- See Gallery Page!

1.  Look up "President Bush Attends White House Tee-Ball Game" on Sunday, July 15, 2007.   (This has to do with a Jackie Robinson story) with photos ... I have a photo that I took of Mr. Simmons and First Lady Barbara Bush.   Please look at the VIDEO Link that show the story about the above event.  RAY, the site says "Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported".

2. C-SPAN did this:  Look up "Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony for Jackie Robinson"  Took place at the U.S. Capital in Washington,  D.C. on Wednesday, March 2, 2005. A Special Gold Medal was presented to Mrs. Rachel Robinson by President Bush.  (Great Story)... Mr. Simmons, Mrs. Day and Nottingham is seen in the VIDEO of this event.  They didn't show me in the video.  Please look at the video link when you look up the event.  RAY, the site does not show the video, but provided it for download. Need special playback tool.

3.  Negro League Players Draft,  June 5 , 2008.  Mr. Simmons was one of the Negro League Player Draftees.  Oh what an honor!  A Video Link can be found by looking up "Dave Winfield Video of the Negro League Draft"   I have a few photo's, however I would have to get them to you.

4.  Mr. Simmons and The Kansas City Traveling Museum Van in Baltimore with Baltimore Orioles Boog Powell at Camden Yards Parking Lot.  Also, Mr. Bob Kendrick the Directory of the Kansas City Museum was on site with us.  I have photos of this.

5.  I have a photo of Mr. Simmons and Baltimore Orioles Player Rick Dempsey.  I also have a photo of Mr. Simmons conducting a "Shadow Ball Game" at Cal Ripken Stadium.

Steven, I have so may photo albums.  Once all of this is all over, and we began to move on, I want to either sit down with you or give you the many albums so that you can see what a wonderful journey Mr. Simmons traveled.  I was blessed to be at all of them with him.   I am very proud of ALL that has happened from day ONE!!  We will get beyond all of this.   The time is just flying by so fast which doesn't give us the proper time that is needed.


Hubert Simmons The Baltimore Sun Article by Frederick N. Rasmussen - July 11, 2009

University Of Baltimore Archive. Collection Organization has interviews in the Negro League Oral History Collection, circa 1998. It has Ernest Burke, Geraldine Day, Mamie Johnson, Robert Hieronomus, Gordon Hopkins, Robert Leffler, Hubert Simmons, Charles S. Winner.  BTW - Stuart found this too, before...

The Baseball Sociologist Site with several snapshots and Links of SMNLB Exhibits and other.


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